We’re Making Some Changes

For many years, Jellison Tech has provided web design, domains and hosting. The domains and hosting were provided through a reseller account and we passed our discount on to our clients. While this is was a great arrangement at the time, over the years, the discount has decreased while we kept our prices low. Unfortunately, it is now costing us money to provide this service and therefore, we have decided to remove this aspect of our service.

Why Are You Telling Me This?

The parent company will send an email to the email address on file for the domains registered. This means that Jellison Tech will get most of the emails since we directly manage most of the accounts. However, a few customers will get an email from the parent company that states “Jellison Technologies has gone out of business.” We have not gone out of business, and wanted to alert all our clients prior to this email going out. Unfortunately, the parent company does not allow any adjustments to the email.

​What Does This Mean To Me?

​If we were previously managing and billing you directly, you won’t see a change. Your billing will still come from Jellison Tech. If you were receiving an automated bill for only the domains and hosting, this will no longer come from Jellison Tech. As part of the reseller agreement, the parent company will take over your domain and hosting renewals. Your service will remain the same.